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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other Support and Outreach Programs



Career Exploration Center

The Career Exploration Center (CEC) offers resources to assist students in choosing life/career goals and in learning steps necessary to attain those goals. The center offers computerized assessments of a person’s interests, values, abilities and personality to suggest career fields that may be worthy of consideration. The goal is to enable students to make career decisions that will lead to academic success, career achievement, and desired lifestyles. The Career Exploration Center is open to community members as well as SF students, faculty and staff.

Location: Northwest Campus, Building R, room 217.
Phone:     352-395-4121
Hours:      8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Career Coach

Career Coach is an online tool which allows users to explore potential careers, take career assessments, build an effective resume, connect to academic programs at SF, search local job postings and track demand for various fields within the college’s service district. Career Coach is available for all students and community members. Visit the Career Coach website at

Counseling Center

The Santa Fe College Counseling assists students who are experiencing academic or personal concerns as they progress toward their academic goals. The Counseling Center provides short-term, solution focused, confidential counseling to SF students free of charge. The counselors at the Center also provide crisis intervention and consultation services, as well as over 50 psycho-educational workshops each year.

Location: Northwest Campus, Building R, room 227
Phone:     352-395-5508
Hours:      8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday


Disabilities Resource Center

The Disabilities Resource Center establishes and delivers reasonable, equitable academic adjustments and services for students with disabilities. Through an interactive process, DRC Access Specialists work with students to determine accommodations that are necessary for academic access. Accommodations may include academic modifications, academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services such as alternative format of material, alternative testing, note taking, and sign language interpreting.

Access specialists are also available to provide training in the use adaptive technologies. 

The DRC is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Fridays To set up an appointment or for information, students may go to S-229 or call 352-395-4400. The application for DRC services is available online at Accessible work stations are available at the Northwest, Starke and Blount Centers.

Spectrum of Success
Spectrum of Success (SOS) is housed in the Disabilities Resource Center and is designed to help enrolled Santa Fe College students on the autism spectrum gain academic, social and employment-related skills. The program provides support and guidance to help students transition, persist, earn credentials, and reach full educational and career goals.


The Lawrence W. Tyree Library is committed to service, offering the highest quality resources and library instruction for students, faculty and staff. All resources are accessible through the library website at

Library services include orientation, reference assistance, circulation, interlibrary loans and course reserves. The librarians teach one-credit courses online and face to face. Library instruction is provided one on one as needed. Librarians will also do tailored subject presentations to classes as requested by faculty.

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Friday: 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Saturday: noon - 6 p.m.; Sunday: noon - 8 p.m.

Extended hours are offered during exams. Holiday hours are posted as needed.

Little School

The Santa Fe Little School offers a developmentally appropriate educational program for children ages 14 months to five years. The Little School is located on the Northwest Campus near the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

An Extended day program available until 5:30 p.m.

The school is open 12 months a year and enrolls children from college-affiliated families as well as children from families who are not affiliated with the college. Santa Fe Little School is also an educational training site for Santa Fe College and University of Florida students who are learning to be teachers. Please call 352-395-5597 or visit our website at for more information. Visitors are welcome.

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)

My Brother’s Keeper is a Santa Fe College support program designed to increase the enrollment, retention and success rates of black males both academically and socially. The program provides a variety of academic support and personal enrichment activities to enhance the personal and academic growth of students. These services and opportunities include: college referrals, personal and professional development workshops, mentoring, conversational series (e.g. Barber Shop Series), community service and networking opportunities, campus involvement, College tours and Specialty Conference attendance. For more information please contact Javan Brown at 352-381-3801 in I-049 for visit the website at


The Ombudsperson offers a safe and confidential environment for students to discuss concerns, problems or complaints. As an advocate for equity and fairness, the Ombudsperson serves as an independent and unbiased mediator as students resolve academic challenges. The Ombudsperson helps students understand College policies, assists students in exploring options, and makes referrals to appropriate resources. In accordance with the requirements of Florida Statute 1006.51, the Ombudsperson also assists students with appeals concerning access to courses and credit granted toward a degree. The College Ombudsperson, Dr. Bea Awoniyi, is housed in Building R, room 211 and is accountable to the college president via the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Student Development and Leadership 

The academic department of Student Development and Leadership (SDL) offers elective credit courses to help students develop and achieve goals of academic excellence, leadership, and self-management. SDL has several courses to choose from, including College Success, Career Development in the Global Workplace, Academic Progress, Leadership, Personal Leadership, Leadership Development Studies, Life/Career Development, Living Effectively in Today’s World, and Standards of Academic Progress. These courses, which have no prerequisites, focus on areas that contribute to student’s academic accomplishment, enlightened life and career choice, greater self-awareness, and service to the community. For more information contact the department Chair at 352-381-3809 or at


BACK TO WORK 50+ @ Santa Fe College is a workforce readiness program funded through a grant awarded by the AARP Foundation. Administrative offices are located within the Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED) at the Santa Fe College Blount Center (downtown) campus. The CIED address is 530 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601  The program is designed to help anyone 50 years and older with significant work history achieve economic self-sufficiency. Women 50-64 years old are a special focus. Candidates are exposed to employment opportunities and are provided job training, education, career counseling and mentoring.

BTW50+  hosts local 7 Smart Strategy Sessions, coaching programs where participants can learn how to update their personal marketing tools, and networking strategies, target their job searches, and identify and pursue short-term training needs. Participants will also be exposed to job leads, employers, and employment related resources that will support, enhance, and reinforce job seeking efforts during the transition to the next full-time job. For more information about our BTW 50+ program please call 352.381.7278 visit the website at

College Achievement Program (CAP)

The College Achievement Program (CAP) facilitates a six-week Summer Enrichment Program to prepare minority and underrepresented students who have graduated from high schools in Alachua and Bradford Counties. Those who successfully complete the Summer Enrichment Program become a member of CAP and may qualify for CAP scholarship. CAP supports the persistence, retention, and graduation of its participants by challenging students to explore and grow personally, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. CAP participants are guided towards developing their sense of belonging, self-awareness, and their ability to make sound decisions that will have an enduring impact on them personally, academically, and professionally. For more information about CAP, please call 352-395-5486 or visit our website at t

Displaced Homemaker Program

The Displaced Homemaker Program: Focus on the Future offers empowerment and employment assistance to women who are 30 years of age or older, who have mostly been homemakers during their adult lives, who have been dependent upon someone for support which is no longer available to them, who are unemployed or not adequately employed and who would have difficulty in securing adequate employment.

The program offers free classes and workshops which include: Life Management Skills, Computer Training, and Employability Skills. The Classes are available throughout the year. The program is funded by the Santa Fe College. To inquire about our services, schedule an appointment for an intake screening and/or for more information, please call 352-395-5047 or visit our website at

PASS Program

The PASS Program, or Preparing for Academic Student Success, is a college preparatory initiative. PASS is specially designed provide students at Eastside, Hawthorne, and Bradford high schools with the necessary resources and information to prepare them for college. With a strong focus on student success beyond admissions, PASS prepares students to excel and prevail while in college, increasing their chances for college graduation. PASS focuses on the college admissions process, college survival strategies, life skills and personal development, financial literacy, mentoring and exposure to college students and business professionals. All services and activities are provided FREE of cost to all eligible participants. Applications for the program are available from school guidance counselors or online at

Santa Fe College Center of Excellence/National Achiever Society (NAS)

The Santa Fe College’s Chapter of the National Achievers is under the auspices of the Florida Education Fund. Formerly known as the McKnight Achievers, NAS is a college-track program that assists under-represented and historically disadvantaged students in grades K-12 to excel both academically and culturally with a goal of increasing the pool of students who are prepared, motivated, and qualified to enter higher education.

The program offers leadership activities, peer tutoring and counseling, educational trips and conferences, test preparation, and pre-college prep workshops. Homework help for middle school students and SAT preparation for high school students is available through the NAS online web portal. A statewide Annual Brain Bowl Competition motivates students to improve skills in math, coding, writing and reading based on standardized tests (e.g. EOC, SAT, & ACT) questions. Brain Bowl Teams compete for scholarships at Florida colleges and universities. A three-week Summer Enrichment Program is held at the SF Northwest campus. Students acquire skills in core academic courses for the upcoming school year and experience interactive approaches to STEAM and standardized test preparation. The program office is located on SF’s Northwest Campus. For more information, call 352-381-7086 or visit the program’s websites at or the state website at

TRIO Programs

1.  North Central Florida Educational Talent Search (NCFETS)
NCFETS is a 100% federally funded grant by the U.S. Department of Education with an annual budget of $348,779.00.  NCFETS serves residents of Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, and Marion Counties by providing study skills instruction, campus visitations, SAT preparation, financial aid planning, college and career planning, and leadership training. NCFETS serves high school students, guiding them through the completion of secondary school and admittance into a post-secondary program. The program is designed to serve 680 participants annually; participants are selected based upon eligibility criteria established by the US Department of Education. The program office is located on the Northwest Campus in Building L, Office 53. For more information, call 352-395-5960 or visit the program website att

2.  Student Support Services (SSS)
The Student Support Services Program (SSS) at Santa Fe College is a 100% federally funded grant by the U.S. Department of Education with an annual budget of $309,836.00.  SSS is designed to significantly increase the retention and graduation rates of the 206 participants it is funded to serve. Program participants are selected based on eligibility criteria established by the US Department of Education.  The SSS program at Santa Fe College is committed to providing proactive, comprehensive, and innovative services to enhance student success at SF. SSS offers a plethora of services including individualized academic advising, counseling, coaching, financial aid assistance, SSS scholarships, social and cultural enrichment programs, workshops that broaden career perspectives, improve academic skills, promote self-confidence and address various non-cognitive factors. The program office is located on the Northwest Campus in Building L, Office 54. For more information, call 352-395-5067 or see the SSS website at

3.  Upward Bound (UB)

Santa Fe College’s Upward Bound program is a 100% federally funded grant by the U.S. Department of Education with an annual budget of $345,301.00.  Santa Fe College’s Upward Bound program encourages the acquisition of academic skills and motivation needed for success in high school, college, and everyday life. The program, designed for selected high school students in grades 9-12, operates an academic year component and summer component for students from Bradford County.  Services such as academic advising, career exploration, assistance with college and financial aid applications, visits to post-secondary education institutions, and cultural and social opportunities are provided year-round.  The UB program is designed to serve 63 students and participants are selected based on eligibility criteria established by the US Department of Education. The program office is located at Santa Fe College’s Andrews Center.  For more information, call 352-395-4494 or see the Upward Bound website at