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2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Santa Fe’s College Vocabulary

The following list of common Santa Fe vocabulary words will help you along your path to success - so that we all speak a common language! As you encounter additional unfamiliar college-related terms, make a note of them.



A term

Flexterm offered during the first half of fall, spring, or summer term (see Flexterms)

A&S Fees

Also known at Student Activity & Service Fees, A&S Fees are used to provide and support co-curricular activities and services for the benefit of all students, and are administered by Student Life

AA/Associate of Arts Degree

A degree designed for transfer to an upper-division college or university

AS/Associate of Science Degree

A degree designed to prepare students to enter a career upon completion or to transfer to a limited upper division college or university program

Academic Advisement

Source of information about Santa Fe’s degree requirements, programs of study, and the requirements for transfer to an upper division college or university

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors provide students with information and guidance as they develop a plan to attain their educational goals. This guidance might include information on/assistance with degree selection, placement, course selection and sequencing, degree requirements, transfer requirements, and college academic policies and procedures. It is recommended that students meet with an advisor once a semester to make sure that they are on track with their academic plans.

Academic Misconduct

A form of student misconduct which includes, but is not limited, to any form of cheating, plagiarism, bribery, misrepresentation, conspiracy, fabrication, or failure to cooperate in connection with any curricular endeavor.


Certification that the college has met established standards and is nationally recognized by appropriate accrediting agencies; Santa Fe College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the associate and baccalaureate degrees; Individual programs within the college may have additional accreditations


(American College Testing Program) Assessment used for placement purposes

Advanced Placement

College credits earned prior to enrollment at Santa Fe College through certain examinations administered by the College Board


Representatives of the Santa Fe College student body and marketing representatives of the entire campus; students who work with faculty, staff, students, and members of the community to promote Santa Fe and its programs and services

Andrews Center

Santa Fe’s location in Starke


Generally handled through Student Affairs, these are formal processes for requesting exceptions to rules regarding registration, financial aid, or student conduct (see Petitions)

Archer Center

See Davis Center below

Articulated AS/BA/BS

A degree designed to prepare students to enter a career upon completing the degree with no further study required. Some AS programs are transferable to a state university program to continue education

Articulation Agreement

Agreement between members of the Florida College System and Florida’s state universities assuring junior level status to students who receive the Associate of Arts (AA) degree and graduation requirements in university parallel programs


Initial and subsequent evaluation of students to aid in placement and progress in reading comprehension, writing, English language skills, arithmetic, and algebra


Credit course taken for no credit


B term

Flexterm offered during the second half of fall, spring or summer term (see Flexterms)


BankMobile, an industry-leading service that processes and disburses financial aid balances and refunds to students on behalf of the college


(Bachelor of Applied Science) Designated degree for flexible baccalaureate programs that are designed to accommodate the unique demands for entry and advancement within specific workforce sectors; BAS degree programs typically include capstone experiences that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate the application of acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

A team of SF employees focused on encouraging an environment of increased safety

Board of Trustees

Eight citizens of Alachua & Bradford counties whom are appointed by the Governor and charged with overall governance of Santa Fe College


(Big Open Lab) Santa Fe’s largest computer lab is now the Testing Center, but still available to students for general computer use during specified hours; Located in Building N, second floor


Santa Fe’s bookstore is located in Building S on the Northwest Campus; books can also be ordered online

Blount Center

Santa Fe’s location in downtown Gainesville



Santa Fe’s learning management system (LMS), used to provide online materials for the college’s online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses

CAP (College Achievement Program)

An academic enrichment program that begins with a summer bridge-experience for recent high school graduates

Career and Technical Education

Courses related to AS/AAS/PSAV programs and workforce development

Career Resource Center

Office providing students with career information and counseling, including career interest assessments and a job placement service; located on the second floor of Building R

Cashier’s Office

Location on Northwest Campus in the Robertson Administration Building at which students can pay fees, including tuition and fines

Civics Literacy Requirement

Students entering a Florida State College or University for the first time in fall 2018 and pursuing an AA or baccalaureate degree will be required to meet a civics literacy requirement.  As of Fall 2018, the requirement can be met with AMH2020, POS2041, a “3” on the AP government exam, a “4” on the AP US history exam, or a 50 on the CLEP American Government

Class Period

Normally a clock hour per week per credit hour but individual courses and labs may vary


(College Level Examination Program) Credit by examination by College Entrance Examination Board tests in specified subjects, with such credit applicable toward a degree where accepted by the college

College Night

An evening for students, prospective students, families, and friends to visit Santa Fe to meet representatives of many colleges and universities

Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Rule, defined in College Rule 7.23, sets forth the specific authority and responsibility of the College in maintaining social discipline, establishes guidelines which facilitate a just and civil college community, establishes a code of conduct and appropriate penalties for violations of rules, laws, and regulations by students and student organizations, and outlines the associated student conduct process to be administered by the College.

Community Education

An area offering many noncredit classes in topics from tennis to computers to knitting for personal and professional development

Continuing Professional Education

Courses offered to upgrade professional skills or to meet state and national licensure or certification requirements

Counseling Center

Office providing students with counseling services (e.g. personal, stress, etc.) and referrals; located on the second floor of Building R

College Prep

Courses that help students prepare for college level work; students are placed into College Prep courses based upon their initial college placement test scores

College Work Study

Money for education expenses paid by the school for on-campus employment


A course required to be taken at the same time as another course

Credit Hour

A semester hour of credit usually equals an hour per week that a class meets per regular session. Credit given for labs and other special courses may vary


D term

Flexterm offered during the first ten weeks of a term (see Flexterms)

DAC (Disciplinary Admissions Committee)

A committee that reviews

Davis Center

Santa Fe’s location in Archer

Degree Audit

Formal list of courses completed and required to be completed to qualify for graduation. The degree audit is available online through eSantaFe (see eSantaFe)

Developmental Education

Instruction through which a student who applies for any college credit program may attain the communication and computation skills necessary to successfully complete college credit coursework.

Disabilities Resource Center

Office assisting students who have documented disabilities; located on the second floor of Building S


Student status under which he/she is not permitted to attend college for a specified period of time


Limited time period at the beginning of each term during which students may attempt to adjust their course schedules; note that classes dropped after this period ends will count as course attempts


Educational Aide

Student employee appointed to college payroll for any department whom must adhere to IRS requirements for enrollment and earn minimum wage

Educational Plan

In their first semester at Santa Fe, students should complete an educational plan with their academic advisor. This educational plan consists of all coursework that will be taken at Santa Fe. Each student’s unique circumstances will be taken into consideration. The plans are typically four semesters but can be any length depending on each student’s past academic preparation and future academic goals. The educational plan should incorporate all requirements needed for both graduation from Santa Fe and transfer to the student’s selected institution and major.

Enrolled in the Current Term

A student is considered enrolled in the current term if s/he enrolls in any flexterm or full-term for-credit course and either pays fees in full or has them deferred via financial aid; This is required to use the Fitness Center, Student Health Care Center, check out books from the Library, serve as a student organization office, or travel with the college.


Santa Fe’s online student services center, offering orientation, advisement, registration, grades, and more; click on the link on the college’s home page to find eSantaFe


English as a Second Language


FAH (Fine Arts Hall)

Santa Fe’s state-of-the-art performance space where one may see student performances associated with the Fine Arts department and other high profile events, including guest speakers


Free Application for Federal Student Aid, available online at; Must be completed each school year to be eligible for federal student aid (grants, work-study awards, & loans)


A non-refundable financial charge for services rendered, such as for laboratory, special tests, and graduation

Financial Aid Package

The total amount of financial aid (federal and non-federal) a student receives


An administrative hold placed on a student account that prevents the student from being to accomplish certain tasks at Santa Fe until the reason for the flag is resolved; may include fees or paperwork due, student conduct issue, etc.


Academic sessions that offer traditional college credit courses in a shorter term by extending class periods, allowing students to take a fast track to their degrees

Food Court

Santa Fe’s food service outlet on the Northwest Campus, serving breakfast and lunch

Foreign Language Requirement

The requirement by Florida’s state universities that students transferring to the university must have earned two years of sequential foreign language at the high school level or the equivalent at a State College. Effective August 1, 1989


First Time in College: This state classification is used to identify students enrolling in college for the first time.

Full-Time Student

Enrollment for 12 or more semester hours in fall, spring, and summer; for six or more semester hours in summer A, B or D


Gator Den

The Gator Den, also known as UF@SF and located in HA-132, is Santa Fe’s information hub where students may receive information about transferring to the University of Florida

General Education

Specific number of semester hours of basic liberal arts courses required as foundation in university parallel AA degree programs; Santa Fe’s general education requirements fall into five broad areas Communications, Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences

George G. Kirkpatrick, Jr., Criminal Justice Training Center

Santa Fe’s Institute of Public Safety offering specialized training in corrections, emergency medical services, fire science and law enforcement; located near Gainesville Regional Airport


Alphabetical measure of academic success or failure ranging from excellent (A) to failure (F); Santa Fe’s grading scale includes “plus” grades at the levels D through B, but does not include “minus” grades

GPA (Grade Point Average)

Dividing total quality points earned by total semester hours completed; GPAs range from 4.0 downward; AA students should note that many upper division colleges will also calculate a “pre-professional” GPA; See an academic advisor for more information

Graduation Check

Formal list of courses completed and required to be completed to qualify for graduation; a graduation check is performed by the Records office at the student’s request


Award based on financial need that does not need to be repaid


High School Dual Enrollment

Program designed to offer high school students the opportunity to attend Santa Fe either for special educational goals (e.g. technical and applied sciences or fine arts) or college academic study; located in Building R

Honors Program

Students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree may earn an honors certificate by successfully completing twelve hours of honors courses, including special versions of general education and unique electives

Hybrid Course

A course where part of the learning takes place in the classroom and part takes place online using the college’s learning management system (see Canvas).


International Student

A student who has entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visa, most often an individual on a student visa


See George G. Kirkpatrick, Jr., Criminal Justice Training Center


Keystone Heights Center

See Watson Center


Learning Commons

A wide array of academic supports including tutoring academic coaching, help with core courses offered at SF.

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Courses related to AA degree studies; these include Fine Arts, Humanities & Foreign Languages, English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences

Little School

A parent/child center offering a developmental program for children of ages 14 months to five years; enrollment is open to the campus population and the community

LMS (Learning Management System)

Cloud-based system used to support online learning, hybrid courses, and many traditional classes (see Canvas)


Borrowed money that must be paid with interest, with repayment usually deferred until after graduation



Software program used to enable members of the college community to concerns about student behaviors to the student conduct office and to the Threat Assessment and Management Team. This software is used as part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign


A tool that assists new students from point of application to the point of initial enrollment


Navigating the College Experience

Santa Fe’s current quality enhancement plan (QEP) is Navigating the College Experience (NCE), a five-year plan implemented in fall 2013 and designed to help students navigate college more efficiently and effectively by strengthening advisement processes, student support systems, and communication.


A continuing professional education course for which college credit is not granted

Northwest Campus

Santa Fe’s largest and most comprehensive campus; located off I-75 in northwest Gainesville


Official communications sent via eSantaFe from the College to current and potential students


Oak Grove

Large open field near the center of the Northwest Campus; serves as a hub for many student events

OCES (Office of Civic Engagement & Service)

Engages students in civic and community-based learning experiences; includes Alternative Breaks, Into the Streets, and internships at non-profits

Office 365

The platform for SF email accounts


Housed within the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs, this staff member offers a safe and confidential environment for students to discuss concerns, problems or complaints


Part-Time Student

Student enrolled for fewer than 12 semester hours in fall, spring, or summer; or fewer than six semester hours in summer A, B, or D.

PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test)

Florida’s customized placement and diagnostic test that is given by computer and used to determine initial course placements in mathematics, reading, and writing


Generally handled through Student Affairs, these are formal processes for requesting a change to an academic record; Generally requires extraordinary unforeseen circumstances beyond the student’s control - or college error

Pre-professional Courses

Courses required by a student’s intended upper division major and transfer institution


Course that must be satisfactorily completed before a higher-level related course can be taken


A status given to students who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress

Program of Study

An AA degree option that includes general education and common prerequisites and pre-professional courses from a university major at a university within the Florida State University System


Santa Fe College’s Chief Academic Officer/Vice President for Academic Affairs

PSAV (Postsecondary Adult Vocational)

Contact hour-based certificate programs designed for direct entry into the workforce


The act of automatically dropping students from their classes if their tuition is not paid or deferred by the Fees Due Date indicated on eSantaFe; this action typically happens five days after.


QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)

A comprehensive plan to improve student learning or the environment in support of student learning is developed as part of Santa Fe re-accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS); Santa Fe’s current QEP is Navigating the College Experience

Quality Points

The value, ranging from 4 to 0, for grades for A to F for all courses completed, used in determining academic average; See GPA



The legal status which a person acquires as the result of establishment of a domicile with the intent to permanently remain in that domicile other than for temporary absences; Classification of residency is required in order to assess tuition and fees

RTS (Regional Transit System)

Public transportation system operated by the City of Gainesville; SF students ride standard RTS buses for free system-wide with a current SF ID card; More at


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Assessment used for placement purposes

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory progress toward a degree that the student must maintain to be eligible to receive financial aid


Non-repayable awards based either on merit or special talent alone or on merit and financial need

SG (Student Government)

Official representatives of the student body to the administration in matters concerning student life; Offices in S-150; Elected each spring term

SicEm Saints Rewards

A rewards program sponsored by Athletics. Students earn points for attending athletic events

Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP) To be considered in good standing and continue successfully toward a degree, a student must achieve a minimum term grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher each term

Starke Center

See Andrews Center above

Student Health Care Center

Staffed by a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner; provides basic student health care services, many for free; located in the Center for Student Leadership and Activities (Building S Lobby).

Student ID

Identification card available to students in the Center for Student Leadership and Activities (Building S Lobby). The cards are required for access to SF facilities including the Fitness Center and the Student Health Care Center, and to access services including checking out books from the Library and riding RTS buses for free.

Student Life

College department that coordinates extracurricular or co-curricular programs. Functional areas include Athletics (including intercollegiate sports, intramural sports, club/rec sports, and the fitness center), Leadership Institute, International Student Support and Advising, Office of Civic Engagement & Service, Student Government, Student Health Care Center, and Student Activities

Student Load

Number of credit hours carried by a student in any term

Study Abroad

Coordinated by the International Education office, Study Aboard programs are high quality international learning experiences needed to compete for employment in the global job market; Located in students in the Center for Student Leadership and Activities, S-130


Student status under which she/he is not permitted to attend college for a specified period of time


Document that provides essential information regarding the course, including the content to be covered, grading scheme, expectations for student behavior and any special requirements; Many faculty view the syllabus as a contract between the student and faculty member



To be arranged or announced

Testing Center

Formerly the Big Open Lab, the Testing Center is located in N Building, second floor, and is available to students for general computer use when not reserved for testing; Please check its website for hours of availability.


Official record of college courses taken by a particular student

Transfer Student

Student who attended a college or university before coming to Santa Fe

Transient Student

Student taking one or more classes at Santa Fe to complete degree requirements and major course work at another institution; note all transient students should have a transient form from their home institution prior to registering for classes at Santa Fe to guarantee that any course work taken at Santa Fe will transfer back to this institution

Trespass Notice

The SF Police Department provides for the safety and security of the students enrolled at the College, the employees of the College, and the general public while on or in any property or facility of the College. In order to advance this mission, the SF Police Department has the authority to issue a tress notice to any person whom constitutes a threat to this safety and security. Persons whom have been issued a trespass notice are not allowed on any Santa Fe College property, campuses or areas under the control of Santa Fe College, and will be arrested for trespass if they are known or reasonable believed to be on or have come on property, campuses or areas under the control of Santa Fe College.


Financial charge for each credit hour of instruction

Tuition Payment Plan

An option available for students to spread out their payments over 2 or 3 months depending. More information is available within eSantaFe, at the Fee Payment link following registration.


Watson Center

Santa Fe’s location in Keystone Heights

Web-enhanced Course

A regular, face-to-face class that uses the college’s learning management system (see Canvas) to supplement learning

Work Study

A form of federal student aid, whereby a student works on campus or in the community, and wages are paid by the federal government; eligibility is determined after completing the FAFSA


Removal from a course or courses by completion of proper forms in the Records Office or by faculty member for excessive absences; note that students are ultimately responsible for initiating their own withdrawals and should not rely on being withdrawn by a faculty member



Santa Fe’s Teaching Zoo is a real zoo, operated largely by Santa Fe students under the direction of Zoo faculty and staff, and is located on the northwest corner of the Northwest Campus