May 24, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

Academic Advisement

Associate in Arts Degree Advisement
For students planning to transfer to one of Florida’s state universities, the Associate in Arts (AA) degree is the transferable degree. The AA degree contains the General Education portion (lower division) of the bachelor’s degree. Therefore, a student can only earn one AA degree.

Advisors assist AA students with planning their programs of study for transfer to a four-year university. Students wishing to transfer should also obtain additional academic advisement from the upper division school to which they expect to apply.

All students must view their degree audit via eSantaFe each semester and are encouraged to meet with an advisor for proper course selection prior to registration.

Advisors are available at the Northwest Campus and at the Blount, Andrews, Watson, Davis, Perry, and Kirkpatrick centers. Service hours may vary by location so students ae encouraged to review each location’s advisement page for details.

AA students who meet stated requirements have the right to participate in SF2FAMU, SF2UNF, SF2USF, SF2UVI or SF2UWF. SF2FAMU provides guaranteed admission into specific programs at Florida A&M University, SF2UNF provides guaranteed admission into the University of North Florida, SF2USF provides guaranteed admission into specific programs at the University of South Florida, SF2UVI provides guaranteed admission into specific programs at the University of Virgin Islands and SF2UWF provides guaranteed admission into specific programs at the University of West Florida. Visit our website for more information.

Career and Technical Education Advisement
Students interested in any of the Career and Technical Education programs, which have selective admission requirements, are urged to contact the appropriate program advisor as early as possible. Admission to the college does not guarantee entry into any program that has selective admission requirements.

Standard high school graduation, a high school equivalency certificate (GED) issued by a state board of education, or HiSET score is required of all applicants seeking admission to college credit programs and courses at SF. For information on admissions, please visit our website at