Nov 29, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

International Student Services

International Education Office
The International Education office (IE) is available to assist students in gaining international experience. SF students can participate in programs that are offered all over the world. For example, a student can earn credit while in another country on a program led by SF faculty during the summer or Spring Break. Students might also consider doing an internship abroad that could transfer as “experiential learning” credit or doing an individual study while abroad. The staff can direct you to funding sources, explain how you can earn credit in another country, and give other support. For more information, stop by the IE Office or call 352-395-5607, email, or visit

International Student Services
The International Student Services (ISS) office helps international students in their transition from their home country to Santa Fe College. ISS offers advising for prospective and current SF international students, including admissions guidance and support regarding international student rights and responsibilities in accordance with U.S. immigration regulations. The ISS staff assists international students through each step of the international admissions process including explaining and applying immigration regulations related to educational planning, cultural adaptation, and other areas of concern. Additionally, Santa Fe College is committed to providing open access to all who desire to obtain an academic career, including children of migrant workers, students with DACA status and undocumented students. For more information, visit the International Center in Building S, rom 310, call 352-395-5504, email, or visit

Application Process
Santa Fe College considers any individual who is not a United States (U.S.) citizen or lawful U.S. permanent resident as “international” for purposes of admission. Prospective international students are required to submit all necessary paperwork for admission to the International Student Services office by the application deadlines as described at The online application for international admission, international student application checklist, and deadlines for international student admission can be accessed at:

F-1 Student Visas for International Students: Santa Fe College is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enroll nonimmigrant students and to issue nonimmigrant documents to support prospective students’ requests for the F-1 Student Visa. Prospective international students who obtain admission to Santa Fe College will receive documents and instructions from ISS to support the F-1 Student Visa application process. Contact for more information.

Check-in Requirement
Prospective/new international students with an F-1 Visa must check in at the International Student Services office (located in S-310) prior to registering for classes. Students must bring original documentation (including valid passport and visa, immigration document, and arrival/entry document) to confirm your nonimmigrant status in the United States.

International Insurance Requirement
All F-1 students at Santa Fe College must be insured by a health and accident insurance plan that meets minimum requirements established by the Florida State University System. SF students may purchase the Santa Fe College international student insurance plan from Insurance for Students (IFS) at Alternatively, international students may request a waiver of the mandatory Santa Fe College international student insurance plan by demonstrating enrollment in an alternate health insurance plan that is comparable in health and accident insurance coverage. To obtain an “Alternate Insurance Waiver Form,” please visit