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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction and Technical

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Program Director Rodney Thomas
Program Advisor Tom Mason
Faculty C. Capano, C. Cowart, R. Mackey, L. Nellinger, Jr., K. Strauss

The purpose of the Construction and Technical Programs is to prepare individuals for initial employment and upgrading or retraining in a wide range of industrial occupations. Individuals completing Construction and Technical Programs are qualified to function as skilled or semi-skilled workers. Instruction is provided in a classroom setting for technical-related theory, safety, mathematics and science; and in a laboratory and shop setting for manipulative skill development and on-the-job experience. Many of the programs are housed in SF’s Charles R. Perry Construction Institute (Building O). The college also utilizes apprenticeship and cooperative methods of instruction.

The programs provide a wide range of opportunities to enhance current employment and to provide a career ladder for advancement. Students who choose to change majors at Santa Fe may have their transcripts evaluated for credit toward our degrees. It is possible for students who have partially completed General Education requirements toward an Associate in Arts degree to transfer these credits toward the Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science.

A program advisor is available in the Construction and Technical Programs area to provide information about the programs as well as admission, advisement and registration assistance to prospective, currently enrolled and returning students. For an appointment call 352-395-5362, email or visit the office on the Northwest Campus in Building O, room 127.

Building Construction Associate in Arts Degree

Please consult the Associate in Arts degree section of this catalog as a well as the catalog of the university that you plan to attend.

High School Dual Enrollment

Many of our programs can be attended by High School Dual Enrollment (HSDE) students. The HSDE option is one that would save money and help put a young person on the fast track towards a great technical career. Options vary depending on the program of interest.

For more information, call Tom Mason at 352-395-5362 or email For information on High School Dual Enrollment, call the Dual Enrollment office at 352-395-5490 or email

Special Training Offerings

Santa Fe also offers specialized supplemental courses for employed persons wishing to upgrade their skills. See the Construction and Technical Programs advisor for more information.

Apprenticeship Programs

“Earn while you learn” is the philosophy of Santa Fe College’s Apprenticeship Program. The construction industry needs electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and A/C and heating technicians. Because of this demand, worlds of opportunity open to those who learn a valuable trade through one of these apprenticeships. Expect to earn a good salary while working up to the level of journeyperson.

Apprenticeships provide the individual who is working in the field an opportunity to learn the technical aspects of a trade in the classroom while applying this knowledge on the job. The combination of these two aspects prepares the apprentice to advance through the trade at an accelerated rate. Apprentices earn a guaranteed wage throughout the training with incremental raises at various stages in the program.

Students attend class two nights a week during the fall and spring terms. The length of most of the programs is four years with the exception of carpentry, which is two years. Classroom activities in conjunction with on-the-job training prepare the students to perform as tradespersons upon completion. Students not currently employed in the field will be helped in seeking employment with sponsoring contractors. The program is sponsored by the Builders Association of North Central Florida. For more information, call Justin MacDougall at 352-395-5251 or email

New trainees for all apprenticeship programs must first complete the core curriculum, which provides a basic introduction to construction skills and covers the following:

  • Basic Safety
  • Introduction to Construction Mathematics
  • Introduction to Hand Tools
  • Introduction to Power Tools
  • Introduction to Blueprints
  • Basic Riggings
  • Material Handling


    Associate in Applied ScienceAssociate in ScienceCertificate

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