Nov 30, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Health Services Administration, BAS

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Program Chair Marie Young-Trabbic
Program Lead Dr. Kezia Awadzi
Program Advisor Doug Robertson

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Health Services Administration is designed to accommodate the unique demands for entry and advancement within specific workforce sectors. The program provides degree completion opportunities for students from a variety of educational backgrounds, but primarily those with Associate in Science degrees or the equivalent. The online program is designed to provide skills and competencies that enable graduates to function as supervisors and managers in health care settings. A health care administrator is a well-trained and skilled professional who serves in a management capacity within a hospital, health care facility, agency, or other organization that offers health care and related services.

Santa Fe College’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Services Administration adheres to the state’s common course prerequisites. Most students will enter the program after completing an AS degree in a health-related area, but provisions have been made for enrollment by students who have completed an associate degree in other areas. Health Services Administration baccalaureate students will complete a two-sequential capstone course in their last semester of study. The capstone course will serve as a summative evaluation point at which the students must demonstrate attainment of the programs learning outcomes.

All BAS degree seeking students must complete the same basic requirements as traditional baccalaureate students, including 36 hours of General Education and demonstration of foreign language competence. Due to the specialized nature of the BAS in Health Services Administration program, students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor when applying for admission. This program is taught primarily in an online environment. Some campus attendance may be necessary.

Getting Started
Santa Fe College expects all students to acquire or have access to the computer hardware and software necessary for the program.

  • Complete an SF application for admission or readmission online at
  • Arrange for official transcripts from high school to be sent to the Office of Records and Admissions.
  • Arrange for official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended to be sent to the Office of Records and Admissions at least one month prior to the start of the term. Unofficial transcripts may be used for initial advisement purposes.

Qualifying for Admission
In order to qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Health Services Administration you must

  • Have a 2.5 or higher overall GPA.
  • Have earned a minimum of an Associate in Science or Associate in Arts from a regionally accredited educational institution.
  • Degrees and course work must meet SF accreditation standards in order to be applied toward program admission criteria.
  • Have successfully completed the following prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher:

ACG 2021 - Introduction to Financial Accounting  (or ACG 2001  & ACG 2011 )

ACG 2071 - Managerial Accounting  

CGS 1101 - Microsoft Office Applications  (or CGS 1000 - Introduction to College Computing )

ECO 2023 - Principles of Microeconomics  

STA 2023 - Introduction to Statistics  

  • Students will only be admitted to the BAS program after verification of prerequisites, previous degree, and minimum GPA.
  • Application to the program does not guarantee admission.
  • All transcripts must be received and verified by the SF Office of Records and Admissions.

Please note: Information is subject to change. Please see a Business Programs advisor for additional help. Applications, forms, procedures, and contact information can be found online at in the Index under Health Services Administration.

Foreign Language Competency and General Education
Individuals who have not completed their foreign language requirement prior to enrolling at SF must complete two semesters of college-level sequential foreign language study before finishing the BAS program. Students may select their General Education classes from any eligible courses within SF’s approved General Education package. The BAS program requires 36 credit hours of General Education in order to meet graduation standards.

Health-Related Sciences and Terminology
The BAS in Health Services Administration is a degree program which focuses on issues pertinent to the management of health care systems and organizations. While not required for admission, the following health-related sciences and terminology courses are recommended as electives contributing to student success in the program:

Program Capstone Course and Exit Requirements
Students will complete a capstone course as part of the exit requirements for the program. This course may include on-campus attendance as well as placement at an internship site approved by the program administrator, or a supervised research project. The BAS degree in Health Services Administration will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the college’s curriculum totaling 120 credit hours. Students must have a 2.0 average overall and a grade of C or better in all 3000 and 4000 level courses.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Services Administration Overview of Credits Required

AS degree transferred credits  
General Education 15 credit hours
Program Core 45 credit hours


AA degree transferred credits  
General Education 36 Credit Hours
Electives 24 Credit Hours


BAS Credits  
Core Courses 39 Credit hours
Core Electives 6 Credit Hours
Pre-requisites 12 Credit Hours
Electives if needed to meet 120 hours and Foreign Language varies
Total Required for program 120 Credit Hours

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