Jan 31, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Associate in Arts (AA)

Required General Education Core Courses for the Associate in Arts Degree

Students pursuing a degree should be aware of the prerequisite courses of their intended transfer major when selecting general education and elective courses.

(W) Writing Intensive. Per state Board of Education rule, students must complete ENC1101, ENC1102, and an additional 6 credits in courses designated as Writing Intensive with grades of C or better.

(C) Civics Literacy.  Per state rule students must complete a Civics Literacy course with a grade of C or better AND achieve a passing score on an assessment. Other options to fulfill this requirement include a 3 or better on the AP US Government exam, a 4 or better on the AP US History exam, or a 50 or higher on the CLEP American Government Exam.

Students must complete one (N) course OR one (D) course.
(N) International. Designates a course with international content and that counts towards the SF International Studies Medallion.
(D) Diversity. Designates a course with diversity content.


ENC1101, ENC1102, and 3 hours from Applied Communications, minimum 9 hours.


Applied Communications


Choose one course from State Core Mathematics and one course from either State Core Mathematics or College Core Mathematics, minimum 6 hours.
Mathematics courses require a grade of C or better.


Choose one course from State Core Humanities and one course from either State Core Humanities or College Core Humanities, minimum 6 hours.

State Core Humanities

College Core Humanities

Natural Sciences

Choose one course from Biological Sciences and one course from Physical Sciences, minimum 6 hours.

Social Sciences

Choose one course from State Core Social Sciences and one course from either State Core Social Sciences or College Core Social Sciences, minimum 6 hours.

Writing Across The Curriculum

Choose one from the following, minimum 3 hours.

Electives (24 hours)

In selecting electives students may contact their academic advisor to discuss various options or check their online degree audit for preprofessional course requirements for each major or program of study.