Jan 31, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Nuclear Medicine Technology, AS

Program Code: 3315

Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) is a medical specialty in which low-level radioactive materials (radiopharmaceuticals) are used for diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear medicine technologists work in three major areas: organ imaging, radionuclide analysis of biological specimens, and radionuclide therapy.

The program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Nuclear Medicine Technology and the State of Florida Department of Education and is conducted in cooperation with UF Health at Shands Hospital, North Florida Regional Medical Center, two Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, Munroe Regional Medical Center, Ocala Regional Medical Center, West Marion Community Hospital, Lake City Medical Center and several outpatient cardiac practices.

The NMT Program’s mission statement is: To provide a comprehensive, competency based, accredited nuclear medicine technology curriculum to prepare a diverse group of students with entry-level skills needed to perform quality nuclear medicine procedures while helping to provide all patients with the best possible care. Thus, a goal of the NMT Program is to develop competent and professional nuclear medicine technologists who, by virtue of theory and practice, are proficient in contemporary facets of nuclear medicine technology, are capable of passing the certification examination, and have a high degree of adaptability in a changing technology. A further aim is to develop qualities of leadership necessary for teaching and health care administration.

Students are admitted in fall term each year and complete 5 semesters of combined academic and clinical education.

Upon completion of the program, students receive an Associate in Science degree and a program certificate from Santa Fe College. Graduates are eligible to take the national certification examinations administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board. Persons passing the national examination(s) qualify for a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist License from the state of Florida without additional testing.

General Education Requirements

Communications (3 Credit Hours)

Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Humanities (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Social Sciences (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Total General Education Hours: 28

Total Professional Hours: 47

Total Program Hours: 75