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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS), BAS

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Program Number: 5200

Academic Director Eileen Monck, MS
Program Director Myra Urso, MEd BSMT (ASCP)
Program Advisor Sari Sanborn
Faculty Aaron Hirko, PhD.; Mary El-Semarani, MS; James Thompson, PhD.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences adheres to the State of Florida common course prerequisites and curriculum frameworks. All BAS degree seeking students are required to complete the same basic requirements as traditional baccalaureate students, including 36 hours of General Education, and demonstration of foreign language competence. The entrance requirements for this program require students choose specific courses in biological sciences (16 credit hours), chemistry (16 credit hours), and mathematics within their lower division coursework to finish the degree in an appropriate timeframe. Therefore, students are strongly advised to consult with an advisor as early as possible to plan their progress through this degree program.

Baccalaureate students will enroll in courses full-time and will complete a clinical internship in the five specialty license areas in their final year at affiliated laboratories. Part time students will be allowed to take courses if space is available. The clinical affiliate internships will only be offered on a full time basis after completion of all didactic coursework and serve as an evaluation point at which the students must demonstrate mastery of the program’s learning outcomes. To ensure equity across sites, the SF Clinical Director works closely with all affiliate institutions to ensure that students gain proficiency in the skills needed to enter the Clinical Laboratory workforce.

If starting as a freshman, the suggested course sequence for this program schedules a full load of classes each semester including summers over four years for a total of 125 semester credit hours. If starting as a junior with the required prerequisites, the suggested sequence of courses takes two years including summers to complete. Students from other colleges and universities requesting to enter the upper division portion of the program must document comparable prerequisite course work before admission to the program.

Upon completion of all program requirements, students will graduate with a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredited Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Note: This degree is not contingent on passing any external exams or licensures. Graduates are then eligible for certification as a medical technologist by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) and American Medical Technologist (AMT) at which point they may apply for licensure in the state of Florida. This program is currently is accredited with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). 5600 N. River Road Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119 (347) 939-3597 or (773) 714-8880.

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Application Process

Students must complete a Santa Fe College application for admission and a Clinical Laboratory Science Program application for admission. Students must arrange for transcripts to be sent to the institution from all colleges and universities attended prior to the start of the term in which CLS program admission is sought.

Santa Fe College is part of the Florida College System and is an open access institution.

Acceptance Criteria

In order to qualify for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Clinical Laboratory Science, students must:

*Applicants that have not completed an Associate’s degree may need to complete general education requirements before graduation.

Overview of Credits Required for BAS in Clinical Laboratory Science

General Education Program 37 credit hours (AS grads may need up to 18 hrs)
Biotechnology Core (lower division) 6 credit hours (AA may need these courses)
Clinical Lab Science Core (upper division) 58 credit hours
Additional Prerequisite Courses 24 credit hours
Total required credit hours for program: 125 credit hours total

Biotechnology Core Courses


(M-F 30-40 hours/week at affiliated clinical laboratories and Perry Center for Emerging Technologies, Alachua, FL)

12 hours taken during spring, 6 hours taken during summer

Total Clinical Laboratory Science Required Courses: 58

Health-Related Sciences and Terminology

The BAS in Clinical Laboratory Science is a degree program which focuses on disciplines pertinent to the laboratory departments of health care systems and organizations. While not required for admission, the following health-related sciences and terminology courses may be beneficial:

Foreign Language Competency and General Education

Individuals who have not completed their foreign language prior to enrolling at SF (can be high school or college level) must complete two semesters of college-level sequential foreign language study before finishing the BAS program. Students may select their General Education classes from any eligible courses within SF’s approved General Education package, but students should choose classes which also will satisfy the Common Program Course Prerequisites.

Program Internships and Exit Requirements

  • An FDLE background check, drug screen, health assessment with documented vaccination or titer report signed by a physician, and Board of Clinical Lab Personnel trainee license are required to participate in clinical internships.
  • Students will complete 5 internship courses as part of the requirements for the BAS program. These courses will include on campus attendance as well as placement at an internship site approved by the program administration.
  • The BAS degree in Clinical Laboratory Science will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the College’s curriculum totaling 125 credit hours.
  • A minimum 2.5 overall GPA is required for clinical assignment, and students must earn a grade of “C’ (2.0) or higher in required courses with a minimum 2.5 overall GPA for graduation.

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