Jan 31, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Radiography, AS

Program Code: 3305

Radiographers exercise initiative and independent judgment in the performance of X-ray examinations for diagnosis of disease and injury. They also assist radiologists in fluoroscopic and special vascular procedures. Radiographers are in demand in nearly every community-in hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics, government, education, industry and research.

Radiographers operate X-ray equipment, provide patient care, provide radiation protection, position patients for examination, select technical factors for optimum radiographic quality, produce and process radiographs, maintain quality control and maintain patients’ records. Other duties include use of mobile X-ray equipment in the emergency room, operating room and at the patient’s bedside. Radiographers have the opportunity to pursue advanced training in CT scanning, mammography and magnetic resonance imaging.

The Radiography Program’s mission statement is: To provide a comprehensive, competency-based radiologic curriculum to prepare a diverse group of graduates with entry-level skills needed to perform quality radiologic procedures and provide the patient with the best possible care.

The goal of the program is to develop competent, entry-level radiographers who have the necessary knowledge to pass the certification examination and who can adapt to changing technology. The Radiography Program also aims to develop leadership qualities necessary for teaching and health care administration.

The program is conducted in cooperation with many area hospitals and outpatient imaging facilities.

Students are admitted in fall term each year and complete 5 semesters of combined academic and clinical education.

Upon completion of the program, students receive an Associate in Science degree and are eligible to take the national certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). ARRT certified radiographers qualify to obtain a Certified General Radiographer License from the state of Florida without additional testing.

General Education Requirements

Communications (3 Credit Hours)

Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Humanities (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Natural Sciences (8 Credit Hours)

Social Sciences (3 Credit Hours)

Choose one from the following:

Total General Education Hours: 20

Professional Core Requirements

Total Program Hours: 77